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Bulldog Bash Before The Smash Newspaper
[PDF, 4.3Mb, 12 pages, 11"x17"]

Disabled parking in the small lot (access from Alder) at the SE corner of the building.
Regular parking on the track field, access from 25th between Cherry and Alder.

Closing Celebration & Open House
Saturday, June 10, 2006
10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Garfield High School (400 23rd Ave, Seattle, WA)

Free! Open to Everyone! No Reservations Required!

1924-1955 (Golden) Grads: 10:00am-11:00am
1956-1969 Graduates: 11:00am-Noon
1970-1979 Graduates: Noon-1:00pm
1980-2005 Graduates: 1:00-2:00pm
Musical Groups: 11:00am-3:00pm
Hotdogs and Soda: Noon-2:00pm

Join alumni, students, teachers and community members and celebrate 83 years of history and kick-off the two year renovation of Garfield: Mini Class Reunions, Refreshments, Musical Entertainment, and souvenirs for sale. Buy a Bulldog Brick!

Sponsors: Garfield PTSA, Garfield Golden Grads, GHSF. or 206.781.6639
P.O. Box 22344, Seattle WA 98122-0344
Read the Bash Newspaper! [PDF, 4.3Mb, 12 pages, 11x17]
Rendering of site from northwest looking southeast, BLRB Architects, 6/7/2004

Garfield High School will undergo a $70+ million renovation in 2006-2008.

Visit the Garfield School Design Team website to see pictures, floor plans, and more!
Reunion Class Co-Hosts and Activity Locations
10a-11alunchroomGolden GradsDori Cozine and Lila Greengard
11a-Noon1131956Lucy Townsend and Sonny Rose
11a-Noon1141957Joan Stewart
11a-Noon1151958Willie Minor and Steven Sherman
11a-Noon1171959Lollie Norman
11a-Noon1231960Barbara Bloch Epstein, Toni Kaye, Julie Walker Meacham
11a-Noon1231961John Lundin
11a-Noon1181962Mika Chapman and Darlene Daggs
11a-Noon1191963Carol Starin
11a-Noon1021964Gloria Hall and Paul Forstander
11a-Noon1031965Doris Hill and Jacqueline Roberts
11a-Noon1041966Verleeta Wooten and Diane Taniguchi
11a-Noon1051967Bernard Moore
11a-Noon1061968Francine Williams and Larry Taylor
11a-Noon1071969Martin Koe and Lee Hobson
Noon-1p2281970..1971Marsha Andrews and Cheryl Parker
Noon-1p2271972Aileen Anderson and Vicky Taylor
Noon-1p2271973Debra Lyles
Noon-1p2261974..1975Robbie Overall and Ernestine Hill
Noon-1p2251976..1977Carol Brown and Toni Hunter Washington
Noon-1p2241978..1979Hersch Mandelman
1p-2p2231980Valerie Patton and Debra Kennedy
1p-2p2211981Gail Sjodin
1p-2p2171982Megan Ernst Wittenberg
1p-2p2161983Toni O'Neal and Tracey Delgardo
1p-2p2151984Rashelle Tidwell
1p-2p2131985D.J. Yasui
1p-2p2101986Louis Johnson and Tammera Ferguson
1p-2p2081987..1988David Hawley and Ben Reynolds
1p-2p2061989Dana Wilson and Paula Zook
1p-2p2051990Spin Nicon
1p-2p2041991Please volunteer!
1p-2p2031992Andrea Thompson
1p-2p2021993Amy Miller and Miriam Hogley
1p-2p2011994Georgia Nicon, Anna Noble and You Lee Yea
1p-2p2311995..1999Denise Colvin and Anthony Shoecraft
1p-2p2302000..2005Stephanie Taylor and Allison Shaw

and Staff
Christina Humburgs and Alexes Harris

10a-2p312Mural Viewing
Slide Show
11a-2pAuditoriumMusical Groups
Lower GymBuy
Bulldog Bricks!
Garfield Apparel
for Sale
Upper GymTBD
Weight RoomTBD
Music, Music, Music!
Garfield's long tradition of musical talent will be tested at the Bash before the Smash when current and former Bulldogs -- spanning five decades -- take the stage in Quincy Jones Auditorium.

Everyone in attendance will find a familiar face, from Stanley Saloy, who mopped the floors at the basketball games, to Sammy Drain, who rocked out with Jimi Hendrix, to the more modern day jazz sounds of David Marriott and Ani Johnson to the current GHS Jazz band, As-One and Conundrum. Also in attendence is Roses from the Concrete, the GHS Jazz Choir and TTAAPP Central. The Master of Ceremonies leading the show will be the infamous Jazz band leader Clarence Acox.

The final act, brought to you by Amos Miller, will welcome all the above artists to the stage for one big finale jam session.
11:00Garfield Jazz Choir
11:20Ani Johnson '98
11:40Roses from the Concrete: Juanagrafica; Dana Parker '73
12:00Condundrum: David Ackerman '06; Kris Brown '07; Amy Tower '07; Zach Para '07; Jittania Smith '07; Grace McArthy '07; Harry Babener '08; Leo Hummel '08; Ian Butler '08; Eytan Nicholson '05
12:20As One: Jobon Overall; Corey Overall; Clifton "Scooter" Maxie; Terry Calloway
12:40Garfield Jazz Alumni Jam: David Marriott
1:00Stanley Saloy
1:20Sammy Drain
1:40TTAAPP Central: Shaina Mitchell '03; LaTasha Green '06; Alex Jackson '07
2:00Garfield Jazz Band
2:20Amos Miller '94
Bash Program and Building Map
Download Program; PDF, 220Kb    Download Building Map; PDF, 109Kb

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